The Association

Woodland Hills is a residential community of 276 total residences with 1st,  2nd, and 3rd floor Units.  Most 3rd floor Units have a skylight and a fireplace.  There are 220 Market Units and 56 Affordable Housing Units. 

The Market Units have 2 bedrooms and two baths, and Affordable Housing Units have either 2 or 3 bedrooms.

Members enjoy the benefit of using the pool, playground, and Clubhouse.

The Association is administered by the Board of Trustees.  Additionally, there are other committees that may be active or inactive at times – depending on need and interest.  All committee members are appointed by the Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees are elected by the Members of the Association and serve on the Board for a period ranging from one to three years.  The Board of Trustees is comprised of seven Members, whose term expires in a staggered time in order to maintain continuity of familiarity while newly elected members become more familiar with the administration issues and process. The seven member board, annually, elects the officers which are President, Vice-president, Treasurer and Secretary.

Covenants Committee is comprised of seven peer Members, appointed by the Board of Trustees.  This  Committee is charged with the responsibility to convene meetings and hear appeal cases requested by Members typically as a result of fines issued for violations.  This committee is also charged with the task of mediating any conflicts between Members.  Any decision of the Committee, at the option of the Members, may be appealed to the Board of Trustees for a final decision.  

Other committees may be activated for specific functions, such as organizing events for Members participation.