By-Laws, Master Deed, and Affordable Housing Plan Documents

Woodland Hills has by-laws which Members agree to follow as part of the agreement upon purchase of any Unit.

The Master Deed describes the ownership of the Units and the entire property. The by-laws describe the administrative procedures to follow. The Affordable Housing Plan describes the process of qualifying as a purchaser and the procedure for purchase. The Affordable Housing program is administered by the Affordable Housing Department of Lincoln Park.

These documents guide the Association in its management, operational and fiduciary responsibilities. The cooperation of Members helps to insure the safety, aesthetic appeal and property values of the Units. Violation of these by-laws may result in fines.

Homeowners that rent Units are responsible to communicate the guidelines/rules to their tenants and are responsible for any fines that may be assessed against a Unit.

Changes to the by-laws requires a 75% majority approval of the Members.

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