Snow Removal

The Association has a snow removal contract to remove the snow from the roadway and parking areas, paths to hallways, and from walkways.

Residents are responsible to clean their car(s) and move them so that the parking areas can be plowed.

The 1 st priority is to keep the center of the roadway plowed. Once the snow stops falling the path to the roadway will be cleared, and the parking spaces will be plowed.   Please be considerate of your neighbor by moving your car(s) during plowing efforts so that the snow can be removed from all parking spaces.  Please give the people with the plows space to work, and do not delay their efforts with personal priority requests.

Stay away from the plowing vehicles because it is dangerous to approach them.  Their visibility may be limited, and it is difficult to notice unsafe approaches to the vehicle, especially when they may be focused on the task at hand.

Snow plowing can be done more efficiently if Members move their vehicles from the building area as a group.